Stream: Earthless – “From the Ages”

I kind of hate when the video is just for the audio, but sometimes (this time being one of them) the songs are so worth hearing that it really doesn’t matter.

Earthless is based out of San Diego, creating grimy blues based riffs full of swagger. Each track relaxes into a groove before letting it rip, repeating that form and finding different ways to vary it within the structure. Alternately locking into a groove and then breaking off into a solo, backbeat holding steady, bass matching lead guitar in dexterous maneuvers. I think that if the solo in “Violence of the Red Sea” went on for another 10 minutes I probably wouldn’t mind. And speaking of that song, that bass line sounds about one note off from “Ironman,” but I’m definitely not complaining. Take it and run with it.

Each track is about 15 minutes, give or take, of crushing riffs. “Uluru Rock,” the second side of this 2xLP takes things a little slower, in minor key creepiness. For me, though, the  titular track that closes the album is the highlight. Check it out above at the 34:52 mark.

The album is currently available on Tee Pee Records. Earthless is currently on tour in Europe, but North American tour dates in support of “From the Ages” are expected to be announced soon.

You can also find Earthless on Facebook.