Races – "Big Broom" 7"

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Races 7"
Races 7"

The A-side of the new 7? from Races, “Big Broom” is quite the introduction. I was instantly gripped by the stunningly expansive sound. They manage to capture something that would normally take a band several years and several releases. The way the bass pulses steadily while the guitar plucks out an abrasive melodic line, and the way that it all seems to disappear when the vocals enter with the ascending strings that compliment it so nicely. It’s the kind of song that makes a statement and sticks in your memory. I just want to sit and listen to this song all day. There is no denying that it sounds perhaps like it was heavily influenced by Arcade Fire, but that’s a good band to take direction from, is it not?

The single’s B-side – “Living Cruel and Rude” – seems to be nearly the opposite of “Big Broom,” with more of a focus on vocal harmonies and sparse instrumental accompaniment. It’s slower and more thoughtful, showing the dynamic range of the group.

This 7″ is a good 1-2 punch from Races. It will be interesting to hear what they have to offer on their upcoming full-length release that is due out later this year on Jaxart Records. You can download this single for free from the band’s Bandcamp site, as well as order it on vinyl directly from Jaxart.


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