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Stream: Purling Hiss s/t 2009 limited edition re-release

Ultra distorted, lo-fi psych punk. That just about sums it up.

If you know anything about Purling Hiss, and Permanent Records that originally put this album out back in ’09, it’s that they are both synonymous with fuzzed out, lo-fi (sometimes to an extreme) psych/stoner garage rock.

This recording is overblown, in the red nearly the entire time, really capturing the energy and immediacy of a debut release. Since this album came out 5 years ago Purling Hiss has gone on to release tons of stuff on other labels like Woodsist and Drag City to name a few. Purling Hiss has gone from the solo project of Mike Polizze to becoming a full-fledged band, jamming non-stop on endless tours across the country.

“Almost Washed My Hair” lays out an 8 minute guitar solo over static harmony that explores almost every classic rock guitar idiom known to man while simultaneously slicing through squeals of feedback and an incessant wash crash cymbals. “Montage Mountain” takes the noise element up a few hundred notches, with guitars bleating and screaming wildly, trying to find their place. Both tunes stretch on for what seems like an indefinite period, again, just a noise, feedback jam session. And I didn’t even bring up the track “Purple Hiss,” the longest on the album, clocking in at 14 and a half minutes.

And now that we have a better idea of what Purling Hiss sounds like in their current incarnation-specifically a Sabbath influenced, stoner rock guitar riffage band-it’s interesting to be able to hear where that all started. Head on over to the Permanent Records site to grab one of the limited edition cassettes or vinyl while you can, as I’m sure they aren’t going to last very long. If you miss out, you can still head to their bandcamp and get in on the download.

Purchase LP (limited to 250)//Purchase Cassette (Limited to 100!)//

Stream/Download: Bbigpigg – “Phantom Photography” EP


As if you couldn’t already tell, I’ve been angling toward the noisiest, most abrasive music that I can find. The more messed up the rhythms, the faster the songs, the more angular and distorted the guitar parts and the less intelligible the lyrics the better.

Bbigpigg is currently on tour through the beginning of November and is also offering a five song EP, “Phantom Photography,” for free at their site. There is also another free download at their main site here.

Similar in overall sound to THIGHS, Bbigpigg takes their energy over the top and keeps it there. Something comparable in texture to At The Drive-In where it’s impossible to discern where one guitar ends and another begins. Everything is just a cloud of interconnected squeals and accents pinned to the ground by a rumbling bass. “Bitch-Hogg” takes a completely frantic approach rhythmically, with air-raid guitars cutting across everything in its path. Everything is just heavy as hell, and worth more than a few listens.

Check their site for tour dates across New England and make sure to grab that download.


New Grand Lake single

Grand Lake, having recently released their truly wonderful EP “Leaves Ellipse” has now put out the 2nd single from that EP.

“Christmas, California”, described perfectly by Grand Lake bandleader Caleb Nichols as “drenched in springtime sunshine, total California ear-candy.” It’s a fun song and one of the many highlights of “Leaves Ellispe”.

The song will also be available on a vinyl-only compilation released on Record Store Day by Burnside Distro – also featuring HAD Records label-mates the Heavenly States, as well as the incomparable Sea Of Bees.  You should definitely look for that on Record Store Day, which is April 16 this year.

Check out the song here, as well as the video that was filmed around the band’s new home of San Luis Obispo, California. The video is framed as a polaroid picture that captures the sunniness of the song.


Grand Lake – Christmas, California from Ryan Terzian on Vimeo.

Let’s review:

-new EP by Grand Lake, “Leaves Ellipse” is available for download here and here

-you should go to one of those sites to purchase the EP after you listen to this new single and watch the video.


Grand Lake - "Leaves Ellipse"

New Wonder Wheel on the way…

Friend of the blog, Wonder Wheel, has dropped a line to inform the internet public (that’s you) that their first proper full-length release is coming via a cassette release available through Burger Records in the coming months. Said release will be titled Total Bundy, and they have made available a free 2-track sampling through their site. The single, featuring a re-working of “IMHO” (originally found on Wonder Wheel 23 “Brave New World“, which I discussed in greater detail back in October, 2010) that not only quickens the tempo but clears up the production, and steadies the pulse. The B-side, a track called “Deep in the Bottle”, is a 3 minute blast of energy. Wonder Wheel mastermind Paul A. Rosales seems to be working at warp speed lately with countless production credits and Wonder Wheel demos, bootlegs and live performances under his belt.

Grab the single for free here.

And by all means if you like what you hear check out all of the other music that they have made available for download on their site, here.

You can purchase their “Brave New World” cassette from Sixteen Tambourines for only $7. Get it here.

Wonder Wheel - "IMHO b/w Deep in the Bottle"