New Liars album forthcoming

(Originally posted on on January 26, 2012)

Following the trajectory of the musical output of Liars is an interesting undertaking, and certainly not for the faint of heart or those without patience. They tended towards the more experimental with their earlier work, opting for a more focused sound on their self-titled 2007 release, and 2010?s Sisterworld found them bringing back a bit more of the craziness.

Great news everyone! It looks like the surreal, dada, experimental, highly cryptic, noisy, general all hell breaking loose is coming back. The band has started a tumblr site that seems to be leaving the most obscure trail of bread crumbs possible. Every week since just before the beginning of the year, they have been quietly posting strange pictures, apparently from the recording process. There are videos of fruit hooked up to recording equipment, Angus Andrew riding a bike, and other strange things that could be perfectly in place in a David Lynch film. If you’d like to try and put the pieces together, be our guest. Some posts have been disappearing mysteriously as well, so you might want to bookmark it and check it obsessively until the album is released. I’m guessing it’s going to be…interesting. Perhaps it will be along the lines of their finest work to date (in my opinion) Drums Not Dead.

Check out the tumblr here.

Here’s a video from Liars’ 2010 release “Sisterworld”