New EP: Why? – “Golden Tickets”

Why? - "Golden Tickets"
Why? – “Golden Tickets”

I just had to post this, because this is a pretty awesome (though admittedly borderline creepy…but still awesome) idea for an album. I mean, could you possibly think of a better way to create music with such an original idea that is at the same time a commentary on the information age and social media? I doubt you can. I doubt anyone can.

I’ll let the press release speak for itself:
Golden Tickets is a collection of personalized “theme songs” for and about seven specific WHY? fans. Over the the course of several months, Yoni and Josiah Wolf internet-stalked their fans for the purpose of crafting the homage which would end up on this album.
The concept, Yoni explains, was that, “We would write a theme song for one customer who came to the [WHY?] web store and bought something every month.  Like Mighty Mouse.  It would be a song about that person.  We’d read all about them on Facebook and Twitter, and sometimes even go so far as to contact their significant other to ask them questions.  Then I would write the song on piano, and my brother would take the skeleton of lyrics & piano and turn it into a fully realized arrangement.”
I think that the most awesome/strangest/creepiest part is that they “sometimes even go so far as to contact their significant other to ask them questions.” I mean, that’s committing to an idea. Check out the song “Murmurer” from the album below.


There’s some more information about the process on this blog, including lyrics to one of the songs, and a few more videos.

So here are the details of what you get:

*Limited-Edition Hand-Numbered Gold Vinyl 10″ (While supplies last)
*One (1) of the golden vinyl records will contain a Golden Ticket which may be redeemed to have a theme song written about the winner by WHY?
*10″ also avaiable on black wax,
*Album available as a CDs, MP3 etc.

And of course the vinyl comes with a download code.

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