More Love for Tokyo Police Club

Since listening to Tokyo Police Club’s latest album “Champ” and reviewing it here I have only grown to love the album more. For a few days I had to listen to it first thing in the morning and then just before I went to bed. The closing track “Frankenstein” is one of my favorite tracks of the year so far, no question.

Since writing my review of the album that I posted not only to this site but to Groovemine I discovered that my blog was linked to by the people over at If you haven’t been to that site, please do yourself a favor and go there now. There is a TON of content over there, including many many exclusive full concerts and interviews and pictures. There is really just a ton of great content on that site and it’s worth bookmarking. So I just wanted to take this time to not only thank the people at for linking to my blog and talk of my growing love for “Champ”, but to send any people that I can over to their site.

Follow this link for Tokyo Police Club’s entire concert performed exclusively for BaebleMusic. Scroll to the bottom of the page for bio, pics and Youtube videos.

Here’s a little taste:

If you haven’t already, run out and buy the new Tokyo Police Club album. It’s really great. I’m going to think about posting about the Flaming Lips show that I saw last week. Until then….