This post originally appeared on on April 7, 2011 here.

Figurines is a poppy rock trio based out of Denmark that has been touring fairly relentlessly since their formation. Their latest self-titled release is 11 tracks of tight songwriting, catchy hooks and memorable melodies.

Though their most recent album was released in September 2010, the band has yet to make it to the United States in its support. That is all going to change in June when they play a few dates along the East coast in Boston, Philadelphia, and Brooklyn. That they are touring here in the Summer seems apt as their songs encompass an aura of sunniness with an upbeat attitude.

Each of the songs on “Figurines” remind me a little bit of the catchiness of The Spinto Band, but the opening track, “Hanging From Above” is especially great. The strings soar while the guitar echoes the exuberant vocals in the chorus. It’s sweet, bright, catchy and infectious. That’s a pretty good formula for a good summer hit. Maybe listening to this song in the months leading up to summer can help us all ignore the grey skies and rain for a bit.

Head to Figurines’ Bandcamp to grab “Hanging From Above” on vinyl or digitally.